Buying Fish from us


We always start off by asking questions about your aquarium set up. This is to make sure that the fish you choose will be right for your tank. It may be that your water parameters are not suitable or that the fish you plan to buy will not get on with your existing fish.

After you have chosen your fish, we catch them and carefully put them in a fish bag. Then we put the fish bag in a paper bag. This darkens the fish bag which reduces fish stress levels. Finally we give you a plastic carrier bag so there are no accidents on the way home! Fish boxes are usually available if you have far to travel.

We guarantee all fish for three days. If you do have a problem with a fish, bring a sample of tank water for us to test. This helps identify whether there have been health problems with the fish and if there are any issues with your aquarium conditions.

We offer free initial water testing when you buy a tank from us.