Fish Room Maintenance Hours

If you plan to visit Riverscape Aquarium please note that our daily maintenance time is between 10:00 and 12:30 Monday to Friday. You are very welcome to browse but please don’t expect the fish area to be tidy! If you need detailed advice about fish keeping aim to visit after 12:30 weekdays and we’ll be able to give you our full attention!

Thank you

Hugh & Helen

Winter power outages? This might help!

Battery air pump

Apart from falling temperatures, the biggest problem for fish keepers during a power outage is keeping the filter bacteria alive. A reliable battery-operated air pump will oxygenate the water for the benefit of both your fish and filter bacteria. Riverscape Aquarium now stocks AirPod air pumps. These pumps automatically switch from AC to battery when the power fails giving 150 hours of battery power.