API Superclean Power Filters

API Superclean 50

Riverscape Aquarium now stocks API’s new hang on power filter range for 5-20 gallon; 30 gallon; and 50 gallon tanks. Prices from $29.95. We are using it in our filtration demo tank. It is very quiet for a hang on and has a dual water intake. The surface intake helps skim debris off the water surface keeping the tank extra clean! So far we are impressed!

Quality Aquarium Plants

Moncton 2-20130710-00515

We’ve just received our latest plant delivery from Tropica. Some good-looking Anubias and Java Fern varieties! Check out our plant list on the ‘Fish & Plants’ page of the website for names and prices.

Tropica Plant Care – Premium & Specialised

Moncton 2-20130710-00514

Riverscape Aquarium now stocks Tropica Plant Care fertilisers in 125ml and 300ml sizes. Using a combination of the two products – Premium Plant Growth & Specialised Plant Growth – is a simple way to grow healthy aquarium plants. The products come with an easy to use pump dispenser. ‘Specialised’ contains nitrate, ammonium, phosphate and other nutrients for good plant growth. ‘Premium’ contains Iron and other important trace elements. Tropica recommends combining the Plant Care feeding regime with 25% water changes on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (depending on the fertilizers used).

Plant Growth (Specialised Fertiliser) 125ml $8.50/ 300ml $12.95

Plant Growth (Premium Fertiliser) 125ml $8.50/ 300ml $12.95