Cut-to-size Filter Pads

Moncton 2-20130404-00302

Riverscape Aquarium now stocks Seapora cut-to-size filter pads. These are ideal for all types of filters – canister, internal and hang-on. Simply cut the pads to suit your model of aquarium filter. We have Carbon Pads 10″ x 18″ ($6.75 each), Ammonia Pads 10″ x 18″  ($6.55 each) , Phos Pads 10″ x 18″($7.60 each) and Filter Floss 10″ x 12″ ($1.85 each). This is an inexpensive way of keeping your filter working well!

Tropica aquarium plants

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Riverscape Aquarium has just made its first direct import of quality aquarium plants from Tropica Aquarium Plants in Denmark. We are delighted to have Tropica plants again (we first began bringing in Tropica plants to our UK store back in 2004). Tropica is an innovative aquarium plant supplier with a worldwide reputation. They first began supplying plants in 1970.

Tropica’s plants are well-rooted but ‘immature’ enough to make an easy transition to your aquarium conditions. We can import most of the plants Tropica produces into Canada. Check out Tropica’s website for the range of plants they produce. If you would like to order a particular plant let us know! Our current plant availability list is posted on our website.