Riverscape Aquarium joins the PFK BIG Fish Campaign

These Big Fish

The latest of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine’s campaigns to raise standards in the aquarium hobby is the Big Fish Campaign.  Big fish need big tanks! The picture shows the minimum size these large-growing fishes need. Do you still want one?

Riverscape Aquarium fully supports this campaign by not selling monster fish in our store. We also fully advise customers about the potential adult size of the fish we stock.


Hugh Dunstan-Blackie, co-owner


We are offering the following workshops at our store. All workshops run from 6:30 – 8:30 pm and include FREE refreshments.


Phone (506) 204 8306 for more information.

Thursday, January 24th Beginners’ Workshop FREE

Thursday, February 7th Intro to Aquarium Plants FREE

Thursday, February 21st Aquarium Planting Ideas $25.00 (Cost includes Plants & Other Materials)

Thursday, February 28th Water Testing $25.00 (Cost includes Test Kit)